Litigation Consulting Experience 

Client Industry  Testimony Type
Caesars Entertainment Gaming Retained to provide expert testimony involving various pre-petition transactions and the equity sponsors' conduct in connection with those transactions.
Telecom Retained as an expert on behalf of the Company, to provide reports and testimony in multiple disputes, including: allocation of asset sale proceeds in a multi-jurisdiction, international arbitration process; and contested pension claims in the U.S. (PBGC) and United Kingdom (PPF).
  Entertainment/Professional Sports Expert witness testimony involving broadcast contract rights, credit agreement covenants, and damages.
Lehman Brothers Financial Services Expert testimony involving a multi-billion dollar damages claim.
Telecom Expert witness testimony in connection with the material adverse change clause invoked in a pending acquisition.
Building Materials Advisor to the Company regarding the financial aspects of asbestos litigation and a potential legislative resolution of the asbestos problem.
Expert testimony in a contested financing transaction.
Company representation in court-mandated valuation process.
Unnamed Unidentified Expert testimony in defense of multi-billion dollar contractual dispute.
Fortune 100
Health Care Advisor to the Company regarding financial aspects of resolution of multi-billion dollar tort claim and potential expert witness testimony.
Media/Entertainment Expert witness testimony in a valuation dispute.
Manufacturing Expert witness testimony to establish diminution of value claim.
Health Care Expert witness testimony in valuation dispute at the center of a contested confirmation of a plan of reorganization.
Retail Expert testimony on enterprise valuation.
Media Expert testimony on enterprise valuation and diminution of value.
Energy Expert testimony on valuation in support of contested sale and confirmation process.
Company representation in mediation between lenders over disputed security interests.

Energy Advisor to the Company on allocation of value among creditors of 14 entities and expert testimony concerning valuation and allocation of value among constituencies in a contested plan of reorganization.
Apparel Testimony in support of terms of sale transaction.
Lender representation in mediation over avoidance action.

Paper & Packaging Advisor to counsel with respect to economic arguments in valuation dispute in cram-down litigation.
Hospitality Expert testimony on going concern valuation, liquidation value and business plan feasibility.
Company representation in mediation over disputed asset pool.
Transportation/Trucking Expert for Company regarding enterprise valuation and plan feasibility.

Media Preparation for valuation litigation to force creditor group into consensual restructuring.
Brooks Fashion Stores Retail Expert testimony regarding valuation in confirmation of a contested plan of reorganization.